Switch to BeamYourScreen Version 3

Have you been using Mikogo 3 for the past months/years and would prefer to continue using it and not upgrade to Mikogo 4? If so, then you can buy a subscription for BeamYourScreen 3 below, which offers exactly the same features and user interface as Mikogo 3.

While Mikogo 3 will be discontinued by the end of October 2011, we will continue to provide BeamYourScreen 3 and we kindly ask all Mikogo users who would like to remain with Version 3 to switch over to BeamYourScreen. The only differences are the brand name (BeamYourScreen instead of Mikogo) and the colors (blue/green instead of red/orange). Everything else about using the software will be the same. In fact you will recognize the familiar Version 3 software when you browse the BeamYourScreen 3 User Guide.

Single User License

Shared User License

Yearly Subscription US$ 249.00 per year US$ 747.00 per year
Lifetime License US$ 699.00 one-time US$ 2097.00 one-time


After you have finalized your purchase, you will receive an email from us with your BeamYourScreen username and password along with instructions on how to get started with BeamYourScreen.

For more information on BeamYourScreen 3, please visit the BeamYourScreen 3 website. The user guide includes many screenshots and contains a detailed description of the functionality and all included features.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us: [email protected]