Why Should I Register

You can start BeamYourScreen sessions as either a non-registered user or a registered user. Both options are free, however there are some feature benefits that are included for those who sign up for an account.

Registered User

If you sign up for a BeamYourScreen account, you will have access to the following features and areas:

The above features are available to all users who register an account. Such features can be personalized and hence need to be connected to individual accounts, hence the reason why people would need to register in order to access these features/areas.
Registered users also get access to all the features that are available to the non-registered users.

Non-Registered User

There are no registrations required in order to simply start a session, gain access to the majority of BeamYourScreen features, and share your screen with multiple people. Non-registered users can start and join sessions simply by running the BeamYourScreen software. For full details on the features included in the BeamYourScreen software, please visit the Features page.