Release Notes

The following release notes provide information on what changes have been implemented throughout several versions of the BeamYourScreen software. You can read about the issues that have been resolved under “Fixed issues”, along with any bugs that our development team is working on resolving, listed under “Known issues”.

Current Version:

BeamYourScreen 4.4 (Released on 2011/08/23)

Fixed issues:

Improved stability and performance

Usability improvements

Known issues:

Some application dialogs and window controls are transmitted as blue shapes/boxes
In a few cases, some control elements (e.g. drop-down menus, or certain application/system windows) are not shown to the Viewer if the Presenter has not ticked the “Show All” checkbox within “Application Selection”. There is a possible workaround available for this: please make sure that the Viewer can see all applications and windows by enabling every application under Application Selection within the software.

Mouse cursor sometimes disappears in viewing window while having remote control
In some cases when a participant obtains remote control they are not able to see the mouse cursor moving over the remote screen.

For the Mac version, communication to the conferencing server is sometimes not possible
In case the software cannot establish a TCP connection via port 443, it is not possible to start or join sessions. In this case an error message is displayed “No communication to server possible”.

For the Windows version some interactions are not possible while the service is running
The following problems occur when the user has “enabled the service” in the software. In the Participant List the command button “Email Session Information” is defect. When doing a File Transfer the drag-and-drop operation does not work properly. Furthermore it is not possible to open hyperlinks (provided in “Account Information”, Balloon help tips). When a new version is available for download, the notification dialogue does not work as expected: Instead of jumping to the download page nothing happens.

File Transfer has some usability defects
It is not possible to cancel a transfer to all recipients when several participants are in the transfer queue. Furthermore the progress bars remain visible after a file transfer is complete.

During a remote control session, drag-and-drop operations are sometimes not possible
When the presenter hides the taskbar in the Application Selection it becomes impossible to let the participant perform a drag-and-drop operation. The participant is unable to drop the file within the remote desktop because it sticks to the mouse pointer.

The Linux version logs an error message in the terminal window
When running the software from the Terminal an error message is logged which is related to a Linux specific bug in Qt: “Application asked to unregister timer 0x8f6dc8c which is not registered in this thread. Fix application.”

For the Windows version the Participant List contains wrong color dots
At times the participant receives the same dot color as the presenter has.

Missing Translations
There are some new lines of text added to the user interface of the latest BeamYourScreen version which have not been translated in a few of the languages, and hence these lines remain in English and are to be translated for the next update.

For the Mac and Linux version multiple monitors are not supported
The Mac and Linux versions currently do not allow the user to share multiple screens. This feature is currently only available for the Windows version.

The Whiteboard is not available in the Linux version
This feature is currently only available for Windows and Mac.