What is BeamYourScreen?

BeamYourScreen is a desktop sharing and online collaboration software solution that enables one or several guests to see your computer screen live over the Internet. BeamYourScreen allows you to easily conduct secure online meetings and remote support sessions with customers, business partners, and coworkers without having to leave your office.

How does it work?

BeamYourScreen is outstandingly easy-to-use. The session organizer starts a BeamYourScreen session with just two mouse clicks. No setup required. As a result, a BeamYourScreen session can be initiated ad hoc and in parallel to a phone call or an audio conference. Participants log on to the BeamYourScreen session through a website using a 9-digit session ID they obtain from the session organizer. Participants never have to install software nor change the settings of their firewall since BeamYourScreen is simply executed in a temporary folder and uses standard ports (80 and 443). When using the HTML Viewer participants do not even have to download the connection program since they view the presenter screen through a website.

Instantly, the participants are logged in to the BeamYourScreen session and hence can see the organizer’s computer screen in real time. The online meeting can now start. Each participant can become the presenter and show their computer screen live to all the other participants. The presenter is able to show any screen content live without any form of application restrictions.