True Color Quality

All screen images are transmitted in true color quality, providing the participants with an experience just as if they were sitting in front of the presenter’s computer. To enable a fast and smooth-running transmission of the presenter’s PC screen, participants are able to adjust the quality settings before and during a session, overcoming any quality issues associated with a slow Internet connection.

No Installation

BeamYourScreen does not require any installation on the participant’s side. And this is a big advantage. To join a session, participants simply run an executable file, which can be downloaded directly from the Internet on demand and which is only saved in a temporary download folder. When using the HTML Viewer there is in fact no download of software at all. The HTML Viewer was tailored for presentation purposes and as a result does not provide for all features that the default login does.

No Configuration

There is no need for you or your participants to configure BeamYourScreen, nor adjust any network and firewall settings. BeamYourScreen was designed to detect the computer’s network and proxy settings, and hence works behind NAT, routers, firewalls, and proxy servers. BeamYourScreen supports Basic, Digest, and NTLM proxy authentication, as well as using standard ports (80, 443) and protocols (TCP, HTTP).

Anytime, Anywhere

BeamYourScreen can be used at any time and from anywhere 24/7. For session organizers to start a BeamYourScreen session, simply download the organizer software from our website. You can even use BeamYourScreen right from a USB stick or a CD. We serve customers in more than 40 countries around the world who use BeamYourScreen as their preferred desktop sharing software.

Industry-Leading Security

Employing advanced communication architecture with an industry-leading 256-Bit AES encryption, you can rest assured that with BeamYourScreen you’re working over a 100% secure connection. Due to BeamYourScreen being a managed service, you’ll find there is no need to purchase any new hardware or software.


Save yourself the hassle of configuring firewall ports or adjusting security settings that could raise a potential security risk. BeamYourScreen provides you with a configuration-free experience as it works in tandem with your current company network and security settings, proxy servers as well as firewalls.

Incredibly Fast

BeamYourScreen has developed proprietary bandwidth-adaptive compression technology. Therefore it is possible to host or join a session even with a low bandwidth connection. In addition, you can even fine-tune the performance by enabling the gradual screen build-up and adjusting the color depth. As a result, BeamYourScreen is much faster than complex web conference solutions.

Highest Reliability and Availability

By providing the highest level of reliability and availability possible, you’re sure to host high quality sessions first time, every time. Furthermore our support is available at [email protected] or at +1-646-484-8992.

Globally Distributed Server System

With our globally distributed server system, BeamYourScreen is able to provide the same level of quality performance from any corner of the globe. Regardless of where you are, the optimal communication server will be selected for your session by our intelligent routing system.

Intuitive User Interface

BeamYourScreen is designed to be easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, with no training needed. The simple and intuitive interface makes using BeamYourScreen a breeze for all users. Learn in seconds, master in minutes.

Easy Session Start

Upon starting a BeamYourScreen session, the session organizer is provided with a unique 9-digit session ID. Following distribution of the ID by the organizer, participants then run the connection program and enter the 9-digit session ID to join the organizer’s session. The organizer’s screen is automatically transmitted for the participants to view – avoiding configuration, installation and any changes to your firewall and proxy settings.