256-Bit AES Encryption

Online meetings and desktop sharing with BeamYourScreen is secure. The session information transmitted between computers is compressed and encrypted end-to-end with 256-Bit AES encryption.

Session ID

A unique random 9-digit session ID is created by our BeamYourScreen server, which is allocated to the session organizer. This session ID is then required by any participant looking to join the session.

Session Password

For additional security an additional session password can be set and chosen by the session organizer. At such times, both the session ID and password need to be entered by the participant to join the session.

Explicit Consent

The remote control rights and transmission of one’s screen can only be enabled when the participant in question gives their explicit consent.

Disable Remote Control

The presenter can disable remote control and regain full control at any time by pressing Ctrl+F12 (for PC users) or Ctrl+ESC (for Mac users).