HTML Viewer

Join sessions from your iPhone with the HTML ViewerWith the new HTML viewer, BeamYourScreen provides even greater flexibility. Besides the normal session login, we offer an even easier way to join a presentation via a website, No download is required to join the session. ActiveX, Java, and Flash are not required. Considering the growing use of restrictive security settings of company networks that often prohibit the download of executables or plug-ins in general, the HTML viewer offers a major advantage. Another benefit is that the new HTML viewer works seamlessly with Mac and Linux because it allows you to join a session from a web browser, including a web browser on a mobile device or mobile phone.

The HTML viewer has been developed especially for online sales presentations and web demos, and is optimal for these use cases. Any concern or hesitation from new prospects towards online presentations is simply and quickly eradicated.


The following table highlights the features available to users who use the new HTML viewer, compared to the features available with our standard session login.

HTML Viewer Standard Login
URL for Guests
Show Your Screen Yes Yes
Application Selection Yes Yes
Scheduler Yes Yes
Profile Manager Yes Yes
Whiteboard Yes Yes
Remote Control No Yes
Switch Presenter No Yes
File Transfer No Yes
Chat No Yes
Participant Pointer No Yes
Automatic Zoom No Yes