Areas of Application

When to use BeamYourScreen?

There is a variety of use cases for BeamYourScreen. Whether it be for team meetings, sales presentations, or trainings – in any case you’ll find that BeamYourScreen’s desktop sharing and online collaboration solution will help you to use your time more efficiently and effectively. After all, not every meeting requires an on-site visit.

Online Meetings

Use BeamYourScreen for secure and easy to start team meetings. Get everyone together at the same table within minutes, even when team members are located all around the globe.

Sales Presentations

Executing the perfect sales pitch over the phone can be tough. With BeamYourScreen it is now possible to show your participants everything you have to offer without leaving the office. Place your cards on the table and let them see what you have to offer via desktop sharing. Take them virtually by the hand and guide them through your offerings. This way questions and objections can be addressed right away.

Web Trainings

Train your clients and employees over the Internet. Save on training costs, while reducing the time needed to market and spread knowledge faster in your own corporation and among your customers.

Remote Support

IT tech support can be a difficult task when you can’t see the problem in question. Yet this is exactly how people have been dealing with tech problems for years – by describing problems and solutions over the phone, which easily leads to confusion, misunderstandings and of course no resolutions. With BeamYourScreen you can access computers remotely over the Internet. This allows the support technician to see and control the problem computer and get the issue resolved. Increase your response time and resolve software problems faster, without on-site visits and without confusing blind phone calls.