Online Collaboration

Reduce costs and time spent with online collaboration

Use BeamYourScreen for an online collaboration solution between colleagues, customers and business partners to work together on documents via application sharing. Save on long journeys, simply by organizing an online collaboration session over the Internet. Your meeting participants are not even required to install any software.

Online collaboration as a Managed Service

Our Managed Service means that there is no need to buy new software or hardware on your part, as you will simply be renting the software directly from us for the duration determined by you. Our specialists are dedicated to providing the maintenance and expansion of our system, allowing you to use our online collaboration software at any time and anywhere. Furthermore, our software is designed to automatically adapt to your network preferences, removing any need to make settings changes, such as to your firewall.

Online collaboration at a monthly fixed price

With our Managed Service you will always have full control over your costs for online collaboration sessions. No matter how many online collaboration meetings you hold or for how long, your monthly costs will always remain the same.

Download and test the full BeamYourScreen Version for your online collaboration needs

Explore the features and opportunities made available in conjunction with our online collaboration software. After downloading the free software, you can start your first online collaboration session immediately. There are no risks or commitments involved when using the free version, and you even get to try out all the available features.

To order a BeamYourScreen license, simply visit our online shop and take a look at our great offers.