Desktop Sharing

Desktop sharing sessions with up to 25 participants

With BeamYourScreen up to 25 participants can join a desktop sharing session and show each other their screens in real time. You can choose if you would like to share only selected applications or your entire desktop. Enhance and improve the ease of collaboration between your employees located in different offices, and thereby increase productivity while reducing costs.

Desktop sharing with your hardware and software

You can easily employ our desktop sharing solution alongside your current hardware and software landscape, as our software uses latest tunneling techniques, allowing you to start a desktop sharing session without any configuration and/or installation.

Desktop sharing with full cost control

With no additional costs, no matter how often and how long you use BeamYourScreen, our rates guarantee that you are always in control over the costs. This gives you a sound basis for your cost planning and an immediate ROI already after the first desktop sharing session.

Download the full desktop sharing solution

When you are ready to discover more about our desktop sharing solution, take the opportunity to download the full version of the BeamYourScreen software – for free. You can familiarize yourself with the software and its features, and witness first-hand the benefits of BeamYourScreen for your needs and your company.

For commerical use, we welcome you to order your personal license directly online through our online shop today.