Linux Download

To download BeamYourScreen Version 4 for Linux computers, click on the Download button below.


1. Save and Extract the BeamYourScreen.tar.gz archive

Download BeamYourScreen for LinuxWhen you download BeamYourScreen by clicking the button above, please select to save the BeamYourScreen Linux archive to your computer.

Once you have saved the beamyourscreen.tar.gz Linux file to your computer, right-click the downloaded file and extract it.

The BeamYourScreen application, along with the session player, will then appear in a new BeamYourScreen 4.4 folder within your Downloads.

2. Start the BeamYourScreen Program

BeamYourScreen LinuxDouble-click on the application icon to start BeamYourScreen. The application will launch, a BeamYourScreen b-icon icon will appear in the Taskbar, and the BeamYourScreen Panel will appear.

3. Start a BeamYourScreen Session

Starting a Session with LinuxTo start a session, please click on the start symbol Start Session and then the Start Session button.

The session will instantly start presenting you with the Participant List containing your unique 9-digit Session ID.



To benefit from additional features (e.g. the Scheduler or Profile Manager) please register for a free account.





Software Details:
Archive bundle: Organizer Program & Session Player
– Version: 4.4.110816 Release Date: 23rd August 2011 File Size: 11.1MB

System Requirements:
Ubuntu 10 or 11 (with GNOME), KUbuntu 10 or 11 (with GNOME), Fedora 14 (with GNOME 2.32), SUSE Linux 11 (with GNOME), Arch Linux (with KDE) or Gentoo Linux (with KDE)