About Toshiba
Toshiba Tec is one of the world’s leading producers of products for document handling. It was founded in 1950 and today has revenue of 2.8 billion Euros and employs 13,300 people. Over 25 million people use Toshiba copiers and 106 billion copies are done each year.

The Challenge
Toshiba has a wide variety of copiers, printers and scanners. Due to the vast number of machines in the market there are frequently customer support cases entailing the change of PC settings. The support staff of Toshiba had to travel on-site to solve complex issues. Lasse Szabo, Product Specialist of Sales and Support was looking for an alternative. “We wanted to avoid extensive traveling and offer more professional and quicker support for customers that are further away.”

The Solution
The nature of the support made BeamYourScreen an ideal solution by allowing the support representatives to easily see the various PC settings of the customer. “With BeamYourScreen we are able to solve problems immediately, it enables us to install new software on the customers’ PCs and servers and adjust MFP utilities.” BeamYourScreen also allows the ability to train clients at the same time as giving support.

The Conclusion
The amount of time and money BeamYourScreen saves Toshiba TEC speaks volumes. “We use BeamYourScreen up to 10 times a day and it saves us a minimum of €100 each time! The most successful story saved our company €1500 in expenses and 18 hours of traveling time. Since traveling to customers by car takes a lot of time, and there is often a need for traveling by plane, the use of this kind of tool is priceless.”

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