Stuart Design

About Stuart Design
Stuart Design is a Graphic Design company with locations in North London. It provides full service graphic design for all business needs including business cards, logo design, flyers, leaflets and stationery. It is a young and innovative company in a highly competitive market.

The Challenge
Stuart Design was looking for a way to support customers without the necessity to drive around all day and lose valuable time on the road. Since graphic design is so complex many small issues occur during the creative process.

The Solution
BeamYourScreen allowed Stuart Design to interact with its customers over the Internet. BeamYourScreen simplifies daily work including: acquiring new customers, supporting existing clients and resolving issues that appear during the creative process. “I already won new customers in Cardiff, Scotland and North Hampton solely because of BeamYourScreen. I could never cover such a large area but with BeamYourScreen I am able to offer great service without even leaving North London.” “My customers love it too; it’s as if we were in the same office having a meeting. It saves all the hassle of going to and fro for the minor changes.”

The Conclusion
Stuart Design was looking for a tool to support customers with technical problems and with BeamYourScreen they found a software program that does much more. With BeamYourScreen you get an all-in-one solution: remote support, online collaboration and presentations. “The first new customer already justified the investment into BeamYourScreen.”

pdf Stuart Design Case Study (PDF)