Agilon LLC

About Agilon
Agilon delivers best-in-class web-based fundraising and fund accounting systems. It has an integrated alumni community web site that includes online giving. Its fundraising software technologies originated over twenty years ago from the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of Iowa State University and The University of Iowa.

The Challenge
Due to the various fundraising programs Agilon provides, they needed a tool that allowed them to train their clients and be able to provide service if a problem arose. Agilon required a program that was fast, simple, and designed specifically for web conferencing. Agilon’s System Engineer Tony Awbrey explains, “Most other offerings seemed to come from the conference call background and the web meeting part of it was thrown in as an afterthought. We have used similar tools in the past but they all seemed rather problematic when you wanted to use them for something other than showing PowerPoint presentations.”

The Solution
Agilon chose BeamYourScreen because it was specifically designed for screen sharing; not only for web conferences, but also customer support and online presentations. It is comprised of a simple and powerful interface making sharing and remote control fast and easy. Tony was able to show any content on his computer without preparation. “We are able to use BeamYourScreen daily for training clients remotely, accessing client systems for support, troubleshooting and for remote sales presentations. It is very simple for our customers to join a session. We have had numerous clients tell us how much they prefer BeamYourScreen over what we were using in the past.”

The Conclusion
BeamYourScreen’s easy to use software allowed Agilon to quickly train new clients on their software, saving them time and money. They now even recommend it to some of their clients.

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