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We have created an account for you and sent you an email. The email provides you with a record of your registration, including your password, and contains information about how to download and start using the software.

Downloading the Software

If you have not already downloaded the BeamYourScreen software onto your computer, please click here to download it now.

Entering your Account Details into the Software

BeamYourScreen Account InformationStep 1)
Once you have downloaded the software, open the BeamYourScreen panel and open the Account Information drawer by clicking on Account Information Button in the main menu.


Step 2)
Enter your account details. Be sure to keep “Save username and password” checked. Then click OK.

At this point, you will see the icons for Scheduler and Profile Manager appear in the main menu. You can create and save new profiles and scheduled sessions.

Scheduler and Profile Manager Buttons

Your account details also allow you to login to MyAccount.


New profile and scheduled sessionStep 3)
Open the Start Session drawer. From here you can start your scheduled sessions and access your new profiles.


For further information on using the Scheduler and Profile Manager, please refer to the user guides.