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Press Releases

Below you will find the titles and links to the full version of each of the company’s press releases related to BeamYourScreen.

Date Title PDF
2011-10-13 BeamYourScreen Gains Significant Ground – Top 3 in Web Conferencing PDF icon
2011-09-26 BeamYourScreen Launches Version 4 for Advanced Desktop Sharing PDF icon

Date Title PDF
2010-12-01 BeamYourScreen Awarded ISO 9001 Certification PDF icon

Date Title PDF
2009-06-09 BeamYourScreen Launches Cross-Platform Desktop Sharing Solution PDF icon
2009-03-24 BeamYourScreen Criticizes Those Traveling to Discuss Green IT PDF icon
2009-02-04 Terrorism Lurks at Germany’s Door – Is it Safe to Leave the Office? PDF icon
2009-01-28 BeamYourScreen Combats Airline Strike PDF icon

Date Title PDF
2008-08-28 Caring for the Customer: BeamYourScreen Launches New Website PDF icon
2008-05-30 Crude Oil at 130. Don’t Fill Your Tank. Beam Your Screen! PDF icon
2008-05-14 Putting The Eye into iPhone – Participating in BeamYourScreen Web Conferences PDF icon
2008-04-25 Beam2Present Keeping Orthodontists and Everyone Smiling PDF icon
2008-03-25 BeamYourScreen Sink their Claws into the Broker Business via Time and Money Saving Web Service PDF icon
2008-03-17 Road Warriors Now Reaching Out to Mother Nature PDF icon

Date Title PDF
2007-10-02 Beam2Present takes over Technology Leadership with Release 2.2 PDF icon
2007-04-24 Beam2Present wins Best Innovations Award Category Communication by German Initiative Mittelstand PDF icon