To purchase a commercial license, please choose from the following options.

Single User License

Shared User License

Yearly Subscription 179 yearly 537 yearly
Lifetime License 499 one-time 1497 one-time

Flat rate pricing. Unlimited use. No overage charges. Participants always connect for free.


✓ Desktop Sharing ✓ Switch Presenters ✓ Remote Control
✓ Participant Pointer ✓ Remote Shortcuts ✓ Back Monitor
✓ Language Selection ✓ Firewall-Friendly ✓ 256 Bit AES Encryption
✓ Initial Viewing Direction ✓ Profile Manager ✓ Application Selection
✓ Pause Transmission ✓ Lock Session ✓ Recording
✓ Status Signs (Emoticons) ✓ File Transfer ✓ Multi-User Chat
✓ Session Scheduler ✓ Custom Logo Branding ✓ HTML Viewer
✓ Participant List ✓ Picture Quality Control ✓ Session Passwords
✓ Multi-Monitor Support ✓ URL Push ✓ Multi-User Whiteboard


License Types

We offer two different license types: Single User License and Shared User License. With the Single User License one named user can host BeamYourScreen sessions. With the Shared User License anyone in your company can host BeamYourScreen sessions. If you have several users you will either need individual Single User Licenses – one for each user – or a Shared User License for a group of users. With a Shared User License, you can select the number of concurrent sessions that you would like to host at any one point in time. If you decide to buy individual Single User Licenses, each BeamYourScreen session host will get their own username and password and can host sessions independently. If you decide to buy a Shared User License, you will get one username that is shared among several people.

License Key Activation

After you have finalized your purchase, you will receive an email from us with your BeamYourScreen license key. Log in to MyAccount with your username and password in order to activate the license key for your account.